Monday, April 16, 2012

2 for 1 Monday workouts!

Dominate your Monday! Odds are you did not eat as good and took off from your workouts over the weekend, therefore making Monday a big day to get back on track!

Workout 1-Body composition workout for those looking to lean out and drop body fat

A1) Pullup ( one palm facing you, the other facing away-switch after 5 reps )-10 reps total
A2) Goblet squat -15 reps
A3) Pushups-( one rep, hold at the top position for 2 sec, then do 2 reps and hold for 2 sec...repeat and get as high as you can )
A4) Glute thrusters-12 reps, with 1 sec hold at the top
A5) Seated row with straight bar-10 reps
A6) Lateral lunge with dumbbells-8 each side
A7) Dips-10 reps
A8) Core-your choice
A10) Jump rope, burpees or ball slams- pick one and do it for 1 minute straight

Rest 2 min and repeat 2-4 more times depending on your level

Workout 2

For those looking to pack on muscle this is for a chest/back day.

A1) Decline dumbbell bench press-6 reps ( heavier weight )
A2) Incline barbell bench press-12 reps

*90sec rest and repeat for 4 total rounds

B1) Pullups-wide grip for 8 reps ( hold at the top position for 5 seconds and lower for a 3 second count )

* 60 seconds rest.Do 3 total rounds

C1) T-bar row-10 reps ( hold each rep for 1 sec )
C2) Decline dumbbell row-10 reps each

*90sec rest and repeat for 4 total rounds

D1) Flat dumbbell press-6 reps with 8 second count on the way up and down
D2) Seated row with neutral grip ( palms face each other )-8 reps holding each rep for 4 seconds and focusing on squeezing the shoulder blades

*90sec rest and repeat for 4 total rounds


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