Tuesday, July 16, 2013

6 Things women should stop doing if they want results!

1. Bouncing around from diet to diet hoping you will get results-Diets mess with the body and are not sustainable for life. Don't let yourself be influenced by what worked for a celebrity or what stands out in your magazine but instead do what really works for you and only you. The goal is to eat in such a way that you can maintain it for life.

2.  Setting unrealistic goals- You simply are not going to drop 3 dress sizes and 20 pounds in a week so dont expect to! You must realize that normal healthy weight loss is about 1-2 pounds a week. Make sure before you start any training program you sit down and make realistic goals for yourself to keep positive and from getting discouraged.

3. Reading while you do cardio- I get it you love to read and get the latest gossip on the Kardashians but lets not blend leisurly reading time and intense workout time into one. There is no way you are working out at the intensity you need to in order to get results if you can focus and read a book/magazine. Save the book for later and get to work! Just being on the machine doesnt mean you will get results.

4. Doing every workout published in Cosmo, Shape, Womens Health etc- I am not saying all workouts and exercises in these magazines are garbage, that is not true, but I am saying that not everything you read is for you and want you need. Most of the time they show some rail thin girl doing some funky one arm tricep extension with a toothpick and women think WOOOWW THATS ALL I NEED TO DO TO LOOK LIKE HER.....   So not TRUE! Remember these models are fit girls and could do any workout and look like that honestly. If you really want to drop fat you need to be lifting and sometimes lifting heavy doing squats, deadlifts, pullups and rows. How often do you see those in womens magazines? The answer is almost never because they are not sexy enough to sell.

5. Drinking beverages with excess sugars- Start adding up how many sugary drinks you consume throughout the week and I bet you will be amazed. Are you just doing coffee or are you doing carmel chocolate frappe latte with added sugar? When you go out on the weekends are you doing Red Bull? Cran and vodka? Focus on making better choices in these areas and watch the pounds melt.

6. Caring about everyone esle but themselves- Women are great because they are loving and do care so much about their friends, family and signifigant others however this is also a curse. Don't forget about yourselves ladies and start putting the time into making a better you!

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