Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Try this workout if your tired of yours

If you are bored with your workout today and your goal is weight loss or just to get in the best shape possible then give this a try. You will hit every major muscle group in this workout.

A1) ANY PULL MOVEMENT ( Row, pulldown, pullup, etc )-12 reps
A2) ANY LEG MOVEMENT ( variations of squat, deadlift, press, lunge, step-up etc )-12 reps
A4) ANY PUSH MOVEMENT ( pushups, shoulder exercises. chest press variations)-12 reps
A5) ANY LEG MOVEMENT ( something different than you did for A2 )-12 reps
A7) ANY PULL MOVEMENT ( something different than you did for A1 )-12 reps
A8) YOUR CHOICE ( pick something you need the extra work, biceps, triceps, legs, etc )-12 reps

Take rest if you need after doing all 8 exercises but try and start round 2 as quick as you can. Each round you will drop the reps by 1. So it would like this:

Round 1-12 reps
Round 2-11 reps
Round 3-10 reps
Round 4-9reps
............You get the picture

Your goal is to see how many rounds you can get in 45 minutes. If you you did 5 rounds and ended with doing 8 reps of everything then next time you do this workout try and do 6 rounds. Every workout you can also try and decrease your rest time between rounds.

Monday, June 27, 2011

A bigger back with this

T-bar row-10 reps
Narrow grip lat pulldown-6 reps ( make sure the weight is very heavy for 6 reps )

Rest 90 seconds and repeat 4 more rounds

Decline straight bar row-10 reps
* Set up a decline bench in front of a cable pulley. Put the cable at about hip height. Lying face up on the bench grab the straight bar from behind you and pull the bar towards your thighs keeping your arms locked out and straight.
Decline dumbbell one arm row-10 reps
* Hold a dumbbell in your right arm and put your right leg out to the side for support. Place your left leg back on the top of the bench. Row the weight up from the floor. The dumbbell should start from the lowest end of the decline bench near the floor.

Rest 90 seconds and repeat for 4 more rounds

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

6 Reasons you are not hitting your goals

1. All talk and no do-Quit talking about how you cant hit your goals and use that energy to come up with solutions so you can! Take action!

2. You procrastinate-Stop putting things off! If you want to get into shape then do it! Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month but today!

3. Step outside your cave-Try new workouts, exercises, read new material and even workout with new people. You will be amazed at what a change like this will do for you.

4. You give up too quick-Nothing is going to happen over night so don't put unattainable goals on yourself. There will always be obstacles to every goal so you must accept this and keep pushing forward!

5. Fear of the unknown-Maybe right now you are sitting around trying to get yourself up and hit the gym but instead you stay were you are and do nothing. Fear has come over you and thus paralyzing you to make that first step. You are scared how hard it might be and how you are going to deal with possible success and failure. You are in control of your life! Fear cant hold you back!

6. Getting off focus-Instead of focusing on your goals you start letting your mind wonder and you lose sight of the prize. Stay on the path to what you are going for and avoid letting things stray you of course.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A better butt

  • Running alone will not get you a great butt. You need to do resistance training exercises.
  • Deadlifts are one of the best exercises to develop, shape and strengthen your glutes

  • Squats done deep enough will be decent in terms of developing the glutes. The problem is that the quads still get stimulated the most.

  • For best results you should train your glutes multiple times a week. Aim for 3 days a week.

  • Your glutes tend to have more type 1 muscle fibers. These fibers respond best to lighter loads and higher reps.

  • Train your glutes with heavier weights as well since this type of training activates more muscle fibers.

  • Work on two feet. Single leg exercises like lunges are great for the glutes but exercises such as hip thrusts and glute bridges work better for overall glute activation.

  • You cant spot reduce any area of the body and the same holds true for the glutes. Just because you do glute exercises doesn't mean your body will automatically burn fat around that area.

  • Most people have weak glutes and therefore need to make glute training a priority

  • Weight lifting will not cause you to get a wide butt. Your butt will get wide due to excess fat but not because of the weight training.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random thoughts..........

  • Sugars are ok to consume after your workout. Your insulin sensitivity is high and your body's ability to uptake glucose is high. This means you can have carbs and not worry about it being stored as fat.
  • Control your stress levels. Everyone has stress these days and it can bring you down quickly if not dealt with correctly. Exercise is the perfect prescription to ease your stress levels.
  • I love Chef Jay's Tri-O-Plex bars. They are low in sugar and high in protein. Not only do they taste great but they are made with whole food ingredients. I personally like the Banana Peanut Butter bars the best. Side note-They are high in calories so keep that in mind.
  • Close grip pushups with your feet on a physio ball is a great tricep exercise!
  • Try doing one arm chest presses, shoulder presses and chest flys with the cables as a unique way to blast your core.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Shaking some boredom from todays workout...........

Don't do your normal boring regular old routine today. Instead I want you to scrap whatever workout you were going to do and change things up. We all like to be in a routine in life and it just so happens the same holds true in the gym. Lets face it you start to do what is comfortable and next thing you know you never take that step outside your comfort zone. Maybe you are not even excited for today's workout, maybe you are even dreading it because of the monotony of the whole thing. Below I have given some ideas for you on how to change your workout for today. Who knows maybe a change will do you good.

A) If you usually do splits like back/biceps..or chest/triceps

TRY-Doing back/chest or back/triceps

** Note that doing body part splits is best suited for those looking to gain muscle mass.

B) If you do a certain exercise and or muscle group at the end of the workout

TRY-Doing that at the beginning when fresh and you will see better performance.

C) If you never do supersets or compound sets

TRY-Using both in your workout to amp up the intensity

Superset example- Dumbbell row with squat

Compound set example- Dumbbell chest press with barbell chest press

D) You do nothing but high reps

TRY-Doing nothing but low reps and heavy weight. You will stimulate new muscle and and challenge the body in a new way. Sometimes it feels good to get a heavy day in.

E) You do a low amount of sets.....say 3 sets of 8

TRY-Increasing training volume by doing more sets.....try 6 sets of 8 ( of course you might need to cut down the weight towards the end )

F) You run then lift weights

TRY-Hitting the weights first so you are not maximal strength and then hit your cardio for a brief 10-15 min interval session. This will be more effective and help you potentially burn more fat in your cardio session than carbs.

G) You don't actually workout hard

TRY-Working hard for once and see how much potential you are missing out on!

H) You workout for hours upon hours

TRY-Getting out of the gym within 45min. Cut down on the rest time and pick exercises that hit more muscle fibers and stimulate more growth in less time. Examples are variations of the squat, deadlift, presses and pullups and rows.

Now make it happen and do this today!

Go Dominate

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Breakfast options

If your skipping breakfast then your a fool.......make the time for the most important meal in your day! Here are some ideas for you. Remember those that eat breakfast eat less throughout the day and have smaller waist lines. And if your trying to pack on muscle then breakfast can be a great way to start your day with a high calorie content.

*2-3 eggs anyway-scrambled with tomato and spinach is ideal. Hard boiled can be done the night before.

* Low fat cottage cheese with fruit

* Greek Yogurt-best brands are Chobani and Oikos

* Whey protein-Mix with water or skim milk and frozen fruit and some flaxseed oil

* Nitrate-free natural sausage-Turkey or chicken is best. Mix it in as a scramble with eggs or by itself.

* Natural peanut butter or almond butter-spread it on whole grain bread

* Kashi GoLean Crunch cereal-not a huge fan of cereal but this one contains good stuff

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Get bigger pecs for the beach with this routine...

This routine incorporates the incline press which is great to build a fuller looking chest. If you have shoulder issues you should stay away from this workout since it will be demanding on the shoulder joint. You can use either the incline barbell press or the Hammer strength incline press machine. Start the first set with the most weight possible for 6 reps. The 6th rep should be really difficult if the weight is correct.
Incline barbell press/or Hammer incline strength press machine-1 set at 6 reps

Flat dumbbell twist press -1 set at 12 reps
*( flat twist press starts off like a traditional press but as you start to press up you want to twist the weight so your palms end up facing your face at the top of the movement. If done right the movement should look like a combo of chest press and chest fly. Make sure to bring the dumbbells together at the top. You will need to use less weight then you would for a regular chest press.
**Rest 90 seconds before doing 1 more set.

Incline barbell press/or Hammer incline strength press machine-1 set at 8 reps
Flat dumbbell twist press -1 set at 10 reps
**Rest 90 seconds before doing 1 more set.

Incline barbell press/or Hammer incline strength press machine-1 set at 10 reps
Flat dumbbell twist press -1 set at 8 reps
**Rest 90 seconds before doing 1 more set.

Done. You should have done a total of 6 super set combinations.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Think down go down

Is a saying I like to tell my clients. Sure it might sound a little corny, but the fact is it is true. Not every workout can be stellar and amazing. It is those days when you feel at your weakest, most tired, lazy and down right exhausted that you will need to be mentally the strongest. The body follows the mind and to begin your workout and or day with a negative mindset will sabotage everything. If you grab that first dumbbell or start that first minute on the bike and instantly think to yourself how bad the workout with suck and how horrible you feel.......well the workout will suck and you will feel horrible....end of story. The mindset must be there from the start in order for you to stay focused. You never want to have a mindless workout. By this I mean do not do things just to do them because this will lead to bad workouts and a lost mindset. Imprint in your brain why you are working out and what purpose it is serving you. It is ok to acknowledge that maybe you don't have your "A" game but that does not entitle you to drag yourself both mentally and physically through your routine. When working out we are looking to get the most return on our investment. Your putting in the work and time and therefore you want to get everything you possibly can. So if you feel yourself starting off your workout with a bad mindset remember that you are in control and you can shift your focus to be more positive. Think up to go up!

Go Dominate.