Monday, May 30, 2011

E.O.M.-Prone incline dumbbell biceps row

The Exercise of the month for May is a unique way to hit your biceps. Most guys out there do the barbell version of this exercise. The problem with bent over barbell row with palms up grip is it becomes way to easy to cheap and use bad form. Doing the exercise with this set up will help you get more bang for buck on the biceps.

Simply lie face down on a 45-60 degree incline bench. Make sure you rest your chin on the top of the bench to keep your head in good position. Now grab a heavy dumbbell in each hand and row with your palms facing forward. There is no need to pause at the top since our focus is the biceps and not engaging the upper back. Since you are using dumbbells this exercise is easier on the wrists and elbows.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Triceps 100

Quick routine to blast the triceps with heavy volume

Reverse grip tricep pushdown ( palms facing up on the bar )-10 reps
Dips ( use assisted machine if need be )-10 reps
* Repeat this for 5 total rounds without rest which equals 100 total reps ( 50 each exercise )


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

8 Effective ways to boost your metabolism!

1) Add some lean muscle-Muscle is active tissue and those with lean muscle mass burn more calories throughout the day.

2) Drink cold water- By having cold water your body will have to work extra to heat it up.

3) Eat the following-Calcium, curry, green tea, grapefruit, oatmeal, coffee, almonds, blueberries, ginger, beans and cinnamon have all been linked to improve metabolism.

4) Lower the temperature in your home or apartment-Your body will need to work harder to maintain its internal temperature.

5) Watch your alcohol-Alcohol limits your body's ability to burn fat.

6) Do interval based cardio-Just like weight training you will burn more calories and boost your metabolism.

7) Eat when you wake up-Research shows you eat breakfast and you will eat less and burn more.

8) Morning quick jolt-Try waking up and doing 25 jumping jacks and 25 jackkives ( burpees ) before you head out the door just to get your metabolism jacked up.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Burn calories with this giant set

A giant set is exactly what it sounds like....its a bunch of exercises set up circuit style. This routine can be your entire workout if you do enough rounds or you can use it as part of your workout. The main focus here is lower body work and pulls. We are focusing on very metabolic lower body based exercises and pulling exercises since most people over work themselves on pushing exercises.

Round 1- All leg exercises are done for 12 reps, all pulling exercises are done for 25 reps

A1) Ball squat and slam ( squat with the med ball and then slam once you return from the squat..if you don't have med ball just do speed squats while holding a dumbbell )

A2) Band row with palms down ( move fast using a red or blue band )

A3) Drop down reverse lunges ( use a small step and start by standing on the step with both legs...step backwards and into a reverse lunge position and then bring the leg back onto the step...alternate legs....12 reps per side )

A4) Band row with palms up

A5) Deadlift with dumbbells

A6) Band row with palms facing each other

A7) Squat and press with dumbbells ( speed here! Focus on lighter weight and pressing the dumbbells as you come is one movement )

Rest 30 seconds only.....then round 2 you jump to 14 reps on all the leg exercises. After doing another round rest 2 minutes and repeat the whole sequence again starting with round 1 for 12 reps on the lower 30 seconds then do round 2 for 14 reps.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Body Composition Series # 2

Another full body workout to decrease body fat and increase lean muscle muscle mass.

A1) One arm row dumbbell-12 reps each arm

A2) Jacknives-10 reps

*Repeat this without rest for 4-5 rounds

B1) Neutral grip shoulder press with dumbbells ( palms face each other on the press )-12 reps

B2) Step up with dumbbell ( medium all one leg before switching )-8 reps per side

* Repeat this without rest for 4-5 rounds

C1) Pullup ( medium grip )10 reps

C2) Deadlift with barbell-6 reps
*Repeat this without rest for 4-5 rounds

** This is tough combo due to grip fatigue

D1) Tricep close grip barbell press-12 reps

D2) Lateral dumbbell lunge ( alternate sides )-8 reps per side

* Repeat this without rest for 4-5 rounds

E1) Standing bicep curl with barbell-10 reps

E2) Ball slams-12 reps

*Repeat this without rest for 4-5 rounds

Now do 3 of your favorite core exercises without rest and repeat it for 3 rounds

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Body Composition series # 1

For anyone who is simply trying to improve their body composition, and by body composition I mean decrease their body fat and increase their lean muscle mass, than this is for you. This whole workout consists of supersets which include an upper and a lower body exercise. This is done so that your upper body will work while the lower body rests and vice versa. What is great about this routine is you will hit the whole body with core work included. The pace of the workout will be fast for maximum calorie burn.

Always properly warmup before doing any routine.

A1) Seated straight bar row-12 reps
A2) Bodyweight speed squats ( focus on the speed of course! )-15 reps* Repeat without rest for 4-5 total rounds

B1) Pushups ( with feet slightly elevated )-12 reps
B2) Deadlift with barbell-6 reps
*Repeat without rest for 4-5 rounds

C1) Cable chops for the core-15 reps each side
C2) Pulldown with off-set grip ( one palm facing you and one palm facing away on the bar )-5 reps then switch the grips and do 5 more
* Repeat without rest for 4-5 rounds

D1) Dips-10 reps
D2) Alternating reverse lunges with dumbbells-6 reps each leg
* Repeat this without rest for 4-5 rounds

E1) Glute bridges-12 reps ( squeeze the glutes!!!!!!!!! )
E2) Jackknives -8 reps
* Repeat without rest for 4-5 rounds

Finish with some quick sprints ( track, treadmill or gym floor space )

Sprints- Use any distance but ideal would be 30-50 meters

Do 1 sprint, walk that distance x 1.......repeat this 5x more.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Random thoughts......

  • Try moving slow on your lifts. This is a great way to create more tension on the muscle and therefore bring on new growth. On the way down of the movement aim for a 5 second count, and then a 5 second count on the way up as well. Example would be bicep curl lifting the weight towards your face for 5 seconds and then lower the bar back towards the floor. Play around with different counts but don't exceed a 10 second count.

  • Want to burn more calories? Start your day off with a big glass of cold water which will help aid in keeping you more full and will kick start your metabolism. Also, do 25 reps of jumping jacks and 25 jacknives ( burpees ) to get you burning calories early and to get your metabolism going even more.

  • Cant find time for breakfast.....well then make time! Those who have breakfast eat less throughout the day, burn more calories and have smaller waist lines than those who don't. Have I got your attention now? Eat in the am!

  • Eat your spinach! Raw, cooked, steamed etc. Spinach is high in Vitamins A and C, both antioxidants. Also, spinach is a good source of iron and potassium.

  • Having trouble putting on muscle mass? Deadlift and squat more often and your whole body will grow!

  • Don't over look sleep. Sleep is just as important as your eating, workouts and stress. Sleep to get better results!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New training split

If you are trying to put on some muscle and have found your current training split to be getting dull and your results stagnant then give this try. This split calls for a large frequency and volume of leg work. By doing legs more often you will stimulate more growth hormone and testosterone and bring about new muscle gains. Your legs will take a beating and therefore you need to make sure you stretch and foam roll every day. In this split you will be doing chest just one time a week and back two times a week since most people tend to lack back development. Below is the set up for the training split and descriptions.

Hip dominant leg exercise ( Romanian deadlifts, good mornings, all deadlift variations, glute bridges )
- 1 vertical pull ( pullup, lat pulldown etc )
- 1 horizontal pull ( row variations etc )
- 1 other of your choice

-Pick 3 exercises for each muscle

Quad dominant exercise ( squats variations, leg press etc )
- pick 3 exercises

-Pick 3 exercises for each muscle

Hip dominant exercise



Do this training split for 4 weeks and then cycle off this for a lower leg volume workout. Make sure to eat like crazy because your metabolism will be jacked up and in order to get proper growth you need to feed yourself.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

7 Excuses that will ruin your eating plan

1. Just one wont kill me-We all have been in that situation were that one extra slice, piece or serving doesn't seem to be a big deal or issue but in reality it is. Think about how much more work and exercise you will need to do to burn off that little bit. More often then not that just one turns into multiple just ones throughout the day and week.

2. I'm tired and don't feel like cooking so I will just hit up the drive thru-Some fast food choices have more calories in one item then someone should have in a whole day. Instead go to the health food grocery store and do the salad bar or prepared foods bar. Another option is to prep your food one night and that way you can make dinners in a more timely fashion. Don't take the easy way out when it comes to what you put in your body.

3. I'm bored- If your bored start doing crunches, pushups or jackknives( burpees ) on the floor but don't stuff your face. By eating not only will you still be bored but now you will be bored and fat and who wants to be both of those.

4. I am having a horrible day, I hate my boss, traffic was aweful, and everything that could go wrong has- If things are going bad why would you want to punish yourself by eating bad? First, don't let others control your emotions. Second, you cannot control those things going wrong so think about it that way. But what you can control is what goes in your body so do it. You can make a negative into a positive by staying in control with your workouts and eating plan.

5. I hate to waste food- No poor hungry kid will benefit from you eating and not wasting that extra food. It is ok to waste.

6. Everyone else is eating it- Good let everyone else be out of shape and fat, but you wont stray away from your goals. You run your show and no one else does.

7. I will eat better tomorrow/ I will start tomorrow-Yes you can slip and get back on track but why waste a day. Take advantage of the present and don't waste anything!