Wednesday, March 30, 2011

High volume back workout

The muscles of the back respond very well to a high volume of work so this workout is great to stimulate new growth. Sometimes training back can fatigue your forearms so make sure not to hold everything with too firm of a grip. This workout can be done with any of your favorite back exercises, below are just some that I like to use for this.

Straight bar row ( overhand grip )- 6 sets of 10 reps

* 1 minute rest between sets

T-bar row ( neutral grip, palms facing each other )- 6 sets of 10 reps

* 1 minute rest between sets

Straight arm pulldown standing- 6 sets of 10 reps

* 1 minute rest between sets

One arm dumbbell row- 4 sets of12 reps

* 1 minute rest between sets

Total of 22 sets and 228 reps!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Quick hitting tips.....

  • Eat a pear for fiber-5 to 6 grams per large pear

  • If you want to gain muscle mass-Eat 50% more calories on one of your off days from working out. Eat everything and anything just stay away from trans fats and sugars. To figure out how many calories you would need simply multiple your body weight by 16 then multiply that by 1.5.

  • Change up your workout volume -If you always do low volume ( meaning not many sets and reps ) then switch your workouts to high volume ( numerous sets and reps ) to get new results!

  • Focus more on your backside! Most people are strong and developed in their chest, shoulders and quads but are super weak and underdeveloped in their back, hamstrings and glutes. Put more emphasis on the backside of your body and improve your posture, back health and your look!

  • If your body fat is not dropping it is most likely due to - 1) You don't workout hard enough 2) You eat too much/or not at the right time 3) Your not consistent

  • If you didn't give up anything for Lent- Give up making excuses!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Big time biceps!

Great workout to add some size to your biceps!

A1) Standing dumbbell bicep curls ( keep your palms up the entire lift and lift both arms at once )-10 reps


A2) Lying straight bar bicep curl with cable pulley ( set the pulley to the very bottom and attach a straight bar handle. Lie on your back curl the weight like a normal bicep curl just don't let your head come off the ground )-10 reps


A3) Neutral grip chin-up ( if you can't perform these than use the assisted machine )-10 reps

Rest 2min and repeat 2-3 more times

Monday, March 21, 2011

Deja Vu fat burning workout

Here is one of my Deja Vu workout routines which is great way to shock your body into new changes. The name comes from the fact that you will go back to every exercise throughout the entire workout therefore getting that deja vu feeling. The idea of this workout is to get a high volume of work while moving at a high pace. I have had great success with this workout with my weight loss clients and those just looking to drop body fat.

A1)Lateral plyo pushup-6 each direction
A2)Dumbbell sumo squat-12 reps
*Do this for 4 rounds

B1)One arm dumbbell row-15 reps each
B2)Alternate split squat-6 reps each
* Do this for 4 rounds

Now go back and do one round of A1&A2 combo and then right into one round of B1&B2

Rest 1-2min or as little as possible

C1) dumbbell seated overhead extension-12 reps
C2) tuck jumps-8 reps
* Do this for 4 rounds

Now go back and do one round of A1&A2....then right into one round of B1&B2 and then right into one round of C1&C2

D1) Dumbbell bent over double row-15 reps ( move quick )
D2) Lateral hops-10 reps each side
* Do this for 4 rounds

Now go back and do one round of A1&A2....then right into one round of B1&B2 and then right into one round of C1&C2 and then right into one round of D1&D2

Rest 1-2 minutes or as little as possible

E1) Lateral dumbbell shoulder raises-12 reps
E2) jump squats-10 reps
* Do this for 4 rounds

Now go back and do one round of A1&A2....then right into one round of B1&B2 and then right into one round of C1&C2 and then right into one round of D1&D2 and then right into one round of E1&E2


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A change would do you good.....

Most of us fall into a comfort zone with the workouts and exercises we do, heck really everything we do in life becomes a routine. In order to get the best results you need to be mixing things up. Below I have given some examples of common sticking points and a new alternative to make things better.

1) You do the same 45 minutes treadmill run/walk for your cardio. **Talk about boring and not effective! Who wants to run on a treadmill that long anyway....I know I don't.

CHANGE TO: Intervals on the bike 3 minute warm-up 1 minute work ( fast as you can ) / 1 minute rest ( slow ) x 8 rounds=16 minutes of work 3 minute cool down Finish some ball slams for 4 rounds 15 slams If done hard enough 16 minutes of intervals should wipe you out

2) You cant get your triceps to grow because you do nothing but
pushdowns. ** Maximize your fiber recruitment by doing an exercise in which a greater load can be used.

CHANGE TO: Close Grip barbell presses
Do 4-6 weeks of close grip presses on your tricep days and watch them grow! Do 5-6 sets of 10 reps

3) Your legs aren't growing with your usual low-mid rep leg routine. ** Switch to high reps with high weight. This is brutal but you will get a ton of new growth.

CHANGE TO: Leg press with high reps 3 sets of 25-30 reps

4) Your bored with your weight loss workout. ** Here is a unique set-up.

CHANGE TO: My Deja vu style routine

A1) Pushups 8 reps ( if your strong do 15 )
A2) Lateral shuffle with cones ( put cones about 30 feet apart ) go there and back 5 times

* Repeat this 4 rounds


B1) Two arm bent over dumbbell row-12 reps

Jackknives ( burpees ) -6 reps
* Repeat this 5 rounds


Rest 2 min

C1) Lying
tricep extensions with barbell-12 reps
C2) Lateral hops-back and forth equals 1, do 10 reps

* Repeat this for 5 rounds


Pulldown/or Pullup- 8 reps
D2) Squat jumps-8 reps

* Repeat this for 5

GO RIGHT BACK AND DO 1 ROUND OF A1/A2.......B1/B2.....C1/C2......D1/D2. Done!

4) You need to improve your core ** Don't always wait til the end of your workout to do your core work.

CHANGE TO: Doing your core work at the beginning of the workout while you have the most energy. By doing this you wont have the tendency to cheat and head out of the gym early while doing minimal core work.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Quick hitter for the legs

I read this workout from a guy named Bedros Keuilian. What is great about this routine is that it is super quick and can be done if your in a rush. Start by warming up on the leg press with a light weight. Now get into the workout by using a weight that you could press for 10 reps. Once you get 10 reps in have a partner ( or do it yourself ) strip a plate off each side and then rep out as many as you can. Keep following this format until you get to 100 reps. Once done with the 100 reps immediately perform 25 reps of stiff leg deadlifts with a pair of dumbbells. Thats it it!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

H4 Fat burner #15- Cardio meets resistance

Some people will split their workouts and do weight training first then go and do their cardio or vice versa. This routine blends both of the two into one workout.

Core-Pick two of your favorite core exercises and do 3 rounds of each. The start right into the rest of the routine.

Row with cable machine-15 reps
Bike ( any bike in your gym works )-40 seconds as fast as possible
*Repeat this 2 rounds before moving right into the next combo

Rest 1 minute

Standing dumbbell shoulder press-15 reps
Bike-30 seconds as fast as possible
* Repeat this 2 rounds before moving on

Rest 1 minute

Bent over row with barbell ( rest your head on a bench if need be )-20reps SUPERSET WITH
Jackknives ( burpees)-10 reps
*Repeat this 2 rounds before moving right into the next combo

Rest 1 minute

Tricep close grip press with barbell ( arms tight to your sides and pushing with your triceps using a grip about 8 inches wide )-15 reps SUPERSET WITH
High knees-30 seconds worth
* Repeat this 2 rounds before resting

Core-Pick two of your favorite exercises and do 3 rounds of each exercise

Monday, March 7, 2011

Pack on muscle with this chest routine

This workout is best done with a partner. You would do one set, then your partner would do their set before moving right into the next exercise. If you are training alone then take about 30 seconds between exercises. This routine is intense

Flat barbell bench press ( 1/2 method )-6 reps with heavy weight
***This is when you rack the weight and drop the bar to the chest, then press it halfway up, then let it drop to the chest before finishing by pressing all the way up. This would be one rep.


Flat dumbbell chest press-10 reps


Explosive pushups-12 reps
** If you cannot finish these then move onto a bench to do the pushups or if you must drop to your knees.

Rest 2 minutes and repeat this 2 more rounds.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ladies....5 reasons why you WONT BULK UP

This is a post for all the women out there. I cant stand when I hear some woman tell me she doesn't like to do weights because she gets big easily. If you can pack on muscle and get big that easy then please contact me asap because I want to know your secrets. Lets face you are not going to bulk up and here is why.

1. Women don't have the testosterone levels men have-depending on what you read some say women have only 10-20% of a mans testosterone level. Due to the higher levels men are more likely to be able to put on muscle mass and at a more rapid pace.

2. You wont get bulky but in fact get more toned-
Since the testosterone levels are not present to give women big muscles you will simply get more of a lean muscular look. Toning comes from stripping the fat away from the muscle and therefore enhancing its appearance. Celebrity women have toned muscles because they lift weights and eat right.

3. Getting big takes years and years of training for men let alone women- You will not get huge from starting to weight train overnight. Even if you lift weights for several years you wont achieve what your gender counter parts can achieve.

4. Bulking up is calorie dependant- Often times women associate getting bulky from starting to lift weights but this is generally caused from a poor diet and them gaining fat. A low calorie healthy nutrition plan plus weight training will produce a lean individual.