Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Grocery time- what should I buy?

Many people go to the grocery store without a plan and just walk the aisles grabbing whatever catches their eye. Next time to take a journey to your local grocery store have a plan of attack. Good rule of thumb is to stay to the outside aisles of the store. Think veggies, fruits, and meats. Below is a list of some things to buy.

  • Eggs

  • Skinless boneless chicken breast- cheap and high in protein, major staple in the diet

  • Ground turkey

  • Buffalo ( Bison )- lean red meat, high in protein and some call it the healthiest meat. expensive but well worth it

  • Canned tuna-great source of protein and quick and easy. Avoid consuming too often because of high mercury content.

  • Salmon

  • Pork tenderloin- lean and tasty without being too pricey

  • Cottage cheese-Slow digesting protein that can be used as a snack between big gaps in meals


  • Whole grains

  • Oatmeal

  • Veggies

  • Fruits

  • Brown rice

  • Quinoa


  • Olive oil- use it all the time

  • Flaxseed oil- great to add to protein shakes for omega 3's

  • Nuts

  • Peanut/almond butter- add to shakes, on sandwiches or on fruit

  • Avocado-healthy fat source, it is natures butter

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer slim down!- Tips to get lean and toned

1. Start doing intervals for your cardio- You will burn more calories than doing steady state cardio ( the cardio that everyone in the gym does ) because you will do more work in the same amount of time. Intervals also will increase your metabolism after your workout much like resistance training does.

2. Record everything you put in your mouth- This technique helps you realize how much of what you are actually eating on a daily basis. You would be amazed how much better you will eat once you see on paper how much junk you really are eating.

3. Try lifting heavy- Don't fall into the trap of light weight + high reps equals fat loss. Research has shown that doing 6-8 reps can increase your metabolism to burn up to 600 more calories than light weight training can.

4. Get rid of the high calorie beverages- Don't waste time with pop, juices, alcohol and sports drinks. They don't satisfy you and they are full of sugars and empty calories. Try drinking just water and maybe some tea and see how your body responds.

5. Let green tea be your choice- Studies have shown that this tea can boost your metabolism and it does so without adding much calories to your diet.

6. Carb time- best time to eat them are in the morning and after your workout, I would limit carbs any other time or just cut them out.

7. Don't waste time- Hit the gym and make the most of your time. If you have 10 minutes you can workout. Super set your workouts to save time and to burn more calories.

8. Action- Dont talk about getting in shape......Do it! Go dominate!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Superfood- Quinoa

Quinoa is a grain-like crop that packs a major nutritional punch. Quinoa has a high protein content and is high in fiber, magnesium, iron and phosphorous. Quinoa is gluten-free and easy to digest. You can use quinoa as an alternative to rice or couscous. The most common way to cook quinoa is boiling it much like with rice. Quinoa can be served as a great snack or even breakfast. Simply combining it with almonds, honey and mixed berries will give you a great mini meal.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ultimate lat routine

If you want to widen that "V" look and build up those lats then give this one a try. Although, I am normally against doing too many exercises for one muscle group in a workout I am willing to look the other for this routine. Every exercise in this routine is geared to target those lats. Remember when doing lat work, don't grip the weight or bar too hard and get a mindset of having light arms and feel your back doing the work. For those of you who generally do lat work and by the end have screaming forearms then you are simply putting to much pressure on your grip when performing the exercises. Think of your grip as if you were holding an egg. You want a strong enough grip to keep the egg from dropping but not too hard to the point of cracking the egg in your hand.

Everything is single sets unless noted

Wide grip lat pulldown- 10 reps

rest 1 minute between sets, do 5 total sets

Standing straight bar pulldown- 8 reps ( stand in front of a cable pulley machine and attach a straight bar. Keeping your arms extended and straight the whole movement, simply move the bar towards your thighs while keeping an upright posture)

DROP THE WEIGHT BY 10 LBS- This time continue but only do the bottom half of the movement- 1@Failure

rest 90 seconds between sets, do 4 total sets

One arm row with dumbbell- 6-8 reps
* try and use heavy weight but keep good form

rest 1 minute between sets, do 4 total sets

Straight bar row with lean- 8-10 reps
( set up is like a regular row keeping your palms down, however lean forward the entire set but still keep your back flat the entire time, no rocking backward keep the forward lean. Also make sure you feet are low on the foot pads)

rest 1 minute between sets, do 4 total sets

Sunday, June 20, 2010

E.O.M- Reverse fly with dumbbell

The exercise of the month for June is the reverse fly. This exercise should be a part of every ones back routine. Your main focus on this exercise is the rear delts. You can set yourself in many different positions.

A) Lie on a elevated bench face down

B) Take a incline bench and stand behind it. Rest your head on the top of the bench trying to let your weight onto the bench. make sure to keep your back straight. This is will look like the classic position of a bent over row.

Execution: Use lighter weights and hold your arms straight out to the sides. With palms facing down, raise your arms until your elbows are parallel to the ground.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tricep trio to shock the system

If you are finding yourself doing nothing but straight sets or super sets or just simply the same exercise all the time then try this unconventional hypertrophy tricep routine. I like to use this routine every now and then when I need something different for my triceps.

Dips- As many as you can
Diamond pushups ( take your thumbs and pointer fingers and shape a diamond, center it with the middle of your chest and perform pushups )- 8 reps
Reverse tricep pushdowns ( pushdowns but with a palms up grip )- As many as you can

Repeat this without resting 2-3 more times.

***The weight for the reverse pushdown should be your 12-15 rep max

Monday, June 14, 2010

"Super Legs" complex

This routine comes from Vern Gambetta a great strength coach. He is the one who named this complex "Super Legs " and later JC Santana made this popular under the name " Leg Cranks".
Start of by doing the rep range on the far left and then make your goal the highest number on right. Meaning start with 20 reps for the squats........and your goal should be 24. If you can do 3 rounds of 24/24/24/12 then you kick ass!

20-24 reps bodyweight squats ( go fast ! )
20-24 reps alternating lunges or reverse lunges ( go fast ! )
20-24 reps alternating split squat jumps
10-12 reps squat jumps or box jumps ( as high as possible )

Monday, June 7, 2010

Un-even mix up

Next time you do your back workout try and change things up in a unique way. Instead of doing your normal routine and exercises try doing chinups and pullups with an uneven grip. By placing your hands asymmetrically you will stimulate more fibers and create a new stimulus for your body. Try and find a pullup/chinup bar that has multiple handles. You can try the following :

1. Pronated/supinated alternate- Place one hand with your palm facing you and the other hand with your palm facing away from you. The palm away grip will put more tension on your back and the palm facing grip will stress your biceps more.

2. Neutral/pronated- Place one hand facing away from you and the other in a neutral grip. This will stimulate the outer head of the bicep and hit a different angle of the back.

3. Vary grip distance- try and place one hand wide and the other not as wide on the other side of the bar.

*** Just remember in order to keep your body even, make sure you do the same amount of reps on one side as you do the other.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Are you drinking poison?

I'm sure most of you consume protein shakes daily if not multiple times a day just like me. After reading this article on the findings were shocking. You must check this out. Basically they tested some protein shakes and found high levels of 3 main toxins. Muscle Milk and EAS looked to be the worst.