Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Go high protein/low carb to get optimal body composition


  • Protein is more satiating ( makes you full ) and you will keep you from eating more calories.
  • Protein helps you manage blood sugar and insulin
  • When you eat more protein and less grains, sugars and carbs you will  then have fewer cravings for these foods.
  • You burn more calories at rest after eating protein than carbs 


  • Aim to eat less than 50 grams of carbs from fruits, veggies and beans ( if you eat more than that in veggies its not a big deal )
  •  Avoid processed and packaged foods.  
  • Eat enough fiber! You must get enough fiber because when you go low carb generally the fiber intake goes down as well.
  • Don't be afraid of fats. If you go lower carb you must increase your good fat intake from things like avocados, nuts, cheese etc.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Doing the back extension better

Most people use the back extension and throw themselves up using their back and end up going into hyper extension. Over time this does nothing but better your chance to getting in injured. I think it is better to use your back extension more like a hip thrust.

Key points-

* Do the movement much like you would a kettlebell swing or barbell hip thrust in which you thrust your hips into the pad instead of bringing your back upward.

* Keep the pad at hip level or slightly below

* Bend from the hips much like a hip hinge move and lower your upper body, and then really drive your hips into the pad and squeeze your glutes to finish.

* Note in the video that she stops when straight up and down before going into hyper extension. Again, stop the movement when you are straight up and down so you dont put pressure on the spine.

* If done correctly, your hams and glutes should feel this more than the low back


Thursday, December 13, 2012

2 quickies for the chest and back!

If your looking to pack on muscle and change up your current routine try adding these two into your program.


A1) Dumbbell chest press-heavy for 6 reps ( the 6th rep should be tough )
A2) Decline dumbbell chest press-10-12 reps
A3) Standing cable crossover press-15 reps
**Take 15-20 sec between exercises and take 2-3 min between tri-sets. Do 3 total rounds


A1) Dumbbell decline row-8 reps

 A2) Straight arm pulldown-12 reps
A3) Dumbbell decline row-10 reps ( you might need to drop the weight )
**Take 2 min rest between sets. Do 3 sets.

Monday, December 10, 2012

E.O.M-Overhead Partial Barbell Press

Today's Exercise of the Month for December is great for the triceps as well as the shoulders. To begin, just do a traditional overhead press ( military press ) with a normal grip and foot stance you would use. Now from the lockout lower the bar just until the bar grazes the top of your hair. Press the bar up and then you have completed one rep. Keeping the range of motion just to the top half really allows the focus to stay on the triceps and lets you keep heavy loads still which helps the triceps grow! The main key to keep in mind is to make sure the bar stays directly overhead and to not let it come in front of the face like a traditional press. By doing so it helps take some delt work and helps even more with the triceps.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Questions answered

I thought I would use today's post to answer some questions I have been getting lately

Q-My goal is fat loss, so should I do weights or cardio first?

A-Weight training first. Strength training is the most valuable asset to you in cutting fat other than diet so make it a priority by doing it first. Also, in theory you will deplete muscle and liver glycogen during weight training which might shift the body into fat oxidation during cardio.

Q-How many pull-ups should I be able to do?

A- If you consider yourself a strong guy the answer is at least 8-12 reps without rest

Q- I get sick of the same routine and want something new, can you help?

Try doing a type of work capacity routine. The goal is to do more work in the same amount of time. The key with this is to keep quality form each workout. Pick a set group of exercises ( maybe 8 ) and set weight for each along with a set number of reps. Set a time, for example 20 minutes and see how many rounds of 8 exercises you could do. Lets say you did 4 rounds, then the next workout aim for 5 or more.

Q-I have very limited time to workout but I want to lose weight how can I get the most efficient workouts in a short period of time?

A- First off it is not amount how much time you spend, but what you do in that time. Pick compound moves like squats, deads, lunges, rows and presses and combine them into giant sets. Eliminate things like biceps curls or tricep extensions. Once you get to the gym get to work and cut out social time.

Q-I need a quality snack that is high in protein, any suggestions?

A- I do love protein shakes, but I also love jerky. Specifically I love any Bison jerky. Any brand that is hormone free is best. Bison is high in protein and low in fat. The best part is that it will fill you up!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts...

  • Try the 100 rep method-Pick a compound movement like pull-ups and do 100 reps of the exercise. Start by doing as many pull-ups as you can. If you get 10 reps, then you have 90 reps to go. It doesn't matter how many sets it takes you to get to 100. The next time you try this again aim to get to 100 in fewer sets.

  • When it comes to making changes with your eating habits make sure you follow a plan that will be successful for you and don't worry what has worked for others. No one thing works for everybody. 

  • Both male hormones and muscle mass distribution are two main reasons guys have more muscle than women. Women need to get in the weightroom! You will not get bulky!

  • Its easy to make yourself puke or get exhausted, but it is hard to get yourself better! Train smart.

  •  Focus on eating protein no matter your goals. Protein will keep you full and is highly thermogenic meaning you burn more calories breaking it down. And of course it will help you build more lean muscle.

  • I really love the Orgain protein shake product. It has great protein to carbs ratio, greens, vitamins and mineral and it tastes great! Plus it doesn't have a bunch of ingredients I cant pronounce. 

  • Try adding in some 10x3 training. Typically used for strength training but you can use it more for fat loss by speeding up the rest between sets. Below is an example. Perform all 10 sets of each exercise before moving to the next. Follow the order of exercises listed below, meaning do all 10 sets of the deads, then move onto chins or pulls etc...

    Deadlifts, Chin-ups or Pulldowns your choice, Barbell split squat, db shoulder press ( military standing )
    Sets: 10
    Reps: 3
    Rest: 45 seconds between sets
    Load: 75% of 1RM (10 repetition maximum)