Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday random tips

  • Do full body lifts 3x a week to maximize your fat loss potential. Full body workouts burn more calories than split routines since they work more total muscle mass than say just working the chest one day.

  • Do you notice you do the same routine all the time? Odds are you don't take notice, so in order to really change you should start keeping track of what you do for 2 weeks.After 2 weeks you can look and see what pattern you fall into and then you can make changes!

  • Butter is ok! If you follow a low carb diet then you will need to eat fats. Butter is high in fat soluble vitamins especially Vitamin K.  Make sure it is organic and from grass fed cows. Moderation is always key however!

  •  If you have shoulder issues and still want to press start adding in floor presses especially with a neutral grip or landmine presses.

  •  Bored with your routine? Do 3-4 weeks with high reps ( 15-20) , do 3-4 weeks with medium reps ( 10-12) and do 3-4 weeks of low reps ( 5-8) and heavier weights.

  • Score small victories when it comes to eating and eventually those will lead to major gains!

  • Training to failure on multiple sets or for consecutive days will lead to decreased performance and less gains in the long run.  If you train for explosive power than you should avoid training to failure all together.

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