Monday, July 12, 2010

Monster Mindset-sticking to your routine without excuses!

Mindset is so important when talking about working out. Matter of fact mindset is important in every aspect of daily life. When you set out to accomplish something you must have the right mindset to achieve it else you fail. Every time you walk into that gym bring that mindset and don't let outside factors such as your personal life, job or family put a stranglehold on your mindset for that period of time in the gym. Either bring it, or go home! Below are some ways to help you stay on track.

1. Have a reason- Don't just workout to workout, have a reason for why you show up and why you bust your butt for 60 minutes. Give yourself a real reason why you workout and paint that vivid picture in your mind on what you expect to get out of this. When the training gets tough and you want to quit, having that mindset of why your fighting for that last rep will really help.

2. Mark down your workout time on your calender- Your workout time is YOU time. This is an important time for yourself so make sure you specifically make a note everyday for when you will be working out. If you put it down on paper you will treat it of importance just like you would a meeting or work related event.

3. Have goals- Short term and long term are nice to have. Simple goals like show up and leave the gym without quiting is a nice start. Then focus on small things like an increase in weight, or 2 more minutes on the bike, or a faster sprint. Hitting your goals will keep you excited and striving forward.

4. Tell the masses- Let friends and family and co-workers know what you are doing. I know some people like to keep things private, but if everyone knows what your trying to achieve they can help you stay on track and keep you accountable.

5. Workout with a partner- This creates accountability. You can push and motivate one another and be there for support.

6. Build momentum- This is huge in my opinion. Don't sit around and talk about what your going to do, get up and take action! Once you get the ball rolling and start working out on a regular basis you start to build momentum and then look out! Momentum is a wonderful thing and once you get it you will be amazed and how it changes your workouts and your mindset.

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