Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bring the shock Tuesday

It is rainy and gloomy here in Chicago today and people are tired and dragging their feet around town and in the gym. I figured this a perfect day to bring to you a workout to disrupt your normal routine. If your progress has stalled and you need something to awaken you....use this!

This workout focuses on heavy weight and low reps. The focus is power and to make the body have to work really hard to move heavy things. You will be taking rest periods since you will need the rest in order to maintain the strength and power demands. After your done with the lifting you will get hammered with the conditioning aspect. Generally most people do not lift with the high load and low reps so this will be a change and a shock. Look to use this style of workouts for the next 2-3 weeks to bring about new change.

** Remember the weights used should be appropriate and you should struggle on the final rep of each set. Spotter is highly recommended.

A1) One arm row with dumbbell- 6 reps
A2) Squat jumps-10 reps ( focus on height and drive with your arms )

1 minute rest between combos. Do 3 total sets

B1) Lying neutral grip dumbbell press ( palms face each other )-6 reps
B2) Deadlift with trap bar ( if not then use traditional bar )-6 reps

1 minute rest between combos. Do 3 total sets

C1) Mixed grip pullup ( one palm facing away and one facing toward you )-3 reps then switch hands around, 6 reps total
C2) Step up with dumbbells ( use medium box and hold dumbbells in both hands )-5 reps each leg

1 minute rest between combos. Do 3 total sets

D1) Dips ( weighted if need be )-6 reps
D2) Lateral lunge with dumbbells -6 reps per side doing one leg at a time ( let the dumbbells go between the legs as you lunge )

1 minute rest between combos. Do 3 total sets


Sprints on bike - 20sec all out spring, 40 sec recovery slow ....repeat this 4 rounds



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