Wednesday, April 7, 2010

H4 fat burner-#11

This is a 4 exercise circuit that will take you through a full body workout. Set up the weights in a row so that you can go from one exercise to the next without having to move around the gym.


Sumo squat with dumbbell- Grab a dumbbell in your hands, the weight should be centered between your legs. Hold the top end of the dumbbell with the dumbbell going vertical. Keeping a wide stance squat down and let your knees go out as oppose to inward. keep your back straight and get good depth. You should feel this on the inner thigh.

Ball slams- Using a heavy medicine ball, stand tall and throw the ball into the ground as hard and as fast as you can. Focus on keeping the core tight and exhale as you slam. Try and "throw the ball through the floor."

T-Pushup with dumbbells-Use a light pair of dumbbells. Perform a basic pushup. As you rise lift one arm off the floor and raise it toward the ceiling while twisting your torso so your body makes a T shape. Return to the starting position and repeat to the other side. Look at the above picture at the top of this post to see the visual.

Lunge and curl combo- Hold a dumbbell in one hand. Keep your other arm straight and close to your side throughout the whole movement. Start by lunging forward with the leg opposite of the dumbbell hand. As soon as you return to the standing position from the lunge immediately perform one curl. Focus on the core staying tall and tight.


1. Sumo squat- 15 reps

15sec rest

2. Ball slams-15 reps

15sec rest

3. Lunge and curl-8 reps each side ( do all one side then the other )

15sec rest

4. T pushup-8 reps per side, alternating sides

Rest 1 minute and repeat up to 5 more times.

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