Wednesday, September 7, 2011

H4 Fat burner #16-Fearsome foursome routine

Love this workout because it involves every aspect you would want in a good workout to lean down or to get into better condition. The resistance training allows you to maintain muscle mass which is key to metabolism. The core work is needed for all because of its importance to the overall body. Weak core, weak body. Finally, the conditioning exercises allow for a high calorie burn in session. I only put 3 separate circuits but you could add a 4th.

After a proper warmup-

* Make sure the weights on the upper and lower body exercises are challenging for the rep scheme written

A1) Upper body pull- Pullup-8reps

A2) Lower body-Split squat with dumbbell-8 reps per side

A3) Conditioning-Jackknives ( burpees )-10 reps

A4) Core-Resistance band chops-15 reps per side

Repeat this for 2-4 more rounds depending on your fitness level

B1) Upper body Push-Standing neutral grip dumbbell shoulder press-8 reps

B2) Lower body-Deadlift with barbell-8 reps

B3) Conditioning-Heisman hops-12 per side **

B4) Core-Reverse crunch-10 reps

**To learn how to do the Heisman hops watch my video

Repeat this 2-4 more rounds without rest depending on your fitness level

C1) Upper body Pull- Reverse grip cable row ( palms up )-10 reps

C2) Lower body-Lateral step up with dumbbell-8 reps per leg

C3) Conditioning-Lateral shuffle-8x ( distance between cones 20 ft ro so ) **

C4) Core-Plank hold for time ( whatever you can do with good form )
**To learn how to do the lateral shuffle watch my video

Repeat this 2-4 more rounds without rest depending on your fitness level



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