Monday, September 26, 2011

H4 Fat Burner- Fearsome foursome routine # 2

After a proper warmup-

* Make sure the weights on the upper and lower body exercises are challenging for the rep scheme written

** You can feel free to replace any exercise with another as long as it matches with the correct movement listed.

A1) Upper body pull-Prone dumbbell row on incline bench ( lie face down on incline bench and row both dumbbells at the same time with your palms facing each other trying to squeeze shoulder blades)-10 reps

A2) Lower body-Sumo squat with dumbbell-10 reps

A3) Conditioning-High knees in place-25 seconds

A4) Core- "V" up-10 reps

Repeat this for 2-4 more rounds depending on your fitness level

B1) Upper body push- Dumbbell bench press -12 reps

B2) Lower body-Rope pull through-10 reps

B3) Conditioning-Mountain climbers-20 seconds

B4) Core-Band chops low to high ( secure the band low and chop upward )-15 reps per side

Repeat this 2-4 more rounds without rest depending on your fitness level

C1) Upper body pull-Pullup with close grip-8 reps

C2) Lower body-Lateral dumbbell lunges-alternating sides for 8 reps per

C3) Conditioning- 4 dot drill ( imagine 4 dots in a square shape on the floor and with your legs together jump to each dot clockwise then counter clockwise-each for 10 each

C4) Core- Bicycle crunch 25 seconds

Repeat this 2-4 more rounds depending on your fitness level


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