Wednesday, August 15, 2012

4 Mistakes I commonly see in the gym

1) People overusing the machines-Don't get me wrong there are a few solid machines but they still should never be the basis for your training program. Dumbbells, barbells and body weight exercises still should be the cornerstones of your program. Machines generally isolate and work muscles separately and keep the body in a fixed plane of motion. Free weights force you to have to stabilize with your smaller muscles and allow for better range of motion.

2) Chest city-Guys will always bench and bench some more and then even more. Doing chest presses is just a part of our DNA, our manhood, our testosterone driven selves, we just need and want to do it. I am just like all the other guys I love hitting the pecs but you need to know how to balance the upper body. Aim for a 2-1 work ratio of back to chest. Meaning you do 1 set of chest, do 2 sets of back.

3) Lack of intensity- I feel like about 5% of the lifting population actually works out at a high intensity. People just don't push themselves on a daily basis and end up not hitting their goals because of it. Those that read People magazine while on the treadmill, the guys that talk to their best friend for 10 minutes between sets and the woman using 1lb dumbbells for every all need to step it up! Crank the intensity waaaaay up and watch your results improve!

4) Repeated everything workout- You can go take a seat right in the center of the gym for the whole day everyday and watch people do their typical regime each workout. You watch the guy go from 10 reps of presses to 10 reps of squats to 10 reps of crunches then rest. You see him do this multiple times a week and the workout never changes, ever! We are all human, and we are creatures of habit but you must recognize this is the path to getting nowhere! You must have some form of change from workout to workout. Just a small change makes all the difference in the world.

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