Monday, August 27, 2012

Using Ladders in your workout

Ladders are done with a escalating or descending rep scheme. Using ladders can help you get a ton of work done in a short period of time. The only drawback of using ladders is that you tend to just do it with one exercise at a time.

You have 3 options when doing ladders-

OPTION A- Increase the reps as you increase the weight

 Shoulder press

Set 1-30lbs 1 rep
Set 2-35lbs 2 reps
Set 3-40lbs 3 reps
Set 4-45lbs 4 reps
Set 5-50lbs 5 reps

* Once you get done with the ladder you can descend back down to set 1 or start over.

OPTION B-Increase the reps as you decrease the reps

   Bicep curls with cable

SET 1-Whole stack 1 rep
SET 2-Whole stack minus 10 lbs 2 reps
SET 3-Whole stack minus 20lbs 3 reps
etc....Go until you have done 10 reps

OPTION C-Increase reps as you keep the weight the same


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