Monday, August 20, 2012

Random training tips...

  • If your elbow, knee or shoulder joints are hurting then try decreasing your training frequency. All of these joints will greatly benefit from less exposure. If you are doing chest/shoulders 3x a week and you have shoulder pain then reduce the days to 1 and see what happens. Another thing that can help is taking fish oil which helps reduce inflammation.

  •  Training with a partner or group really can improve results. You will always up your game when someone else is around you and you have an audience. Ever notice how much stronger you feel when you someone is spotting you.Not only will you get motivational benefits but also you will have someone to hold you accountable.

  • Bigger muscles need more recovery and less volume than smaller ones.Hamstrings, chest and the back for example are muscle groups you don't need to hit as often. Calves and forearms you can hit 3x a week and be totally fine. 

  • Only take advice from someone who has done it. Don't let the guy in the gym tell you how to squat when he himself cant squat to save his life. Would you take nutrition advice from an overweight person?

  • Do your best to keep straight bar bicep curls to a minimum. They tend to stress the joints too much. Instead opt for the EZ bar curl.

  • Your should be able to use the same weight on your strongest chest exercise as you do on your strongest lat exercise. Most people will lack with the back strength.

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