Monday, May 13, 2013

10 Fat Loss Strategies!

Start doing these things to help you drop body fat and improve overall body composition!

1. Take the stairs! No escalators. Get extra work in all day

2. Perform deadlift and squat variations

3. Carry something heavy

4. End your strength workouts with 2-3 minutes of metabolic work. Examples could be rope work, med ball slams, burpees, jump rope, sled pulls etc.

5. Avoid frutose syrup like the plague- it makes you fat and makes you age

6. Have INTENSE workouts

7. Go to Starbucks for green tea not mocha carmel grande's

8. Eat even more vegetables!

9. Rest 1-2 days a week, trust me you won't get fat by taking days off

10. If you really want to drop body fat, then drop steady state cardio

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  1. Oh, and can you please make a post about a meal or two you usually eat? :) I hate following recipe's, there's so much stuff in them that you never have at home!