Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday Random Thoughts...

* Muscle and fat are two completely different things. Muscle cant turn to fat and fat cant turn to muscle. You can get more of one thing while the other decreases but they actually don't morph from one to the other. This might seem obvious but I have heard way to many trainees think this can happen. Remember too that muscle is more dense and takes up less space.

* If you don't limit your alcohol consumption you simply will not get the results you want. I see too many clients not reaching their goals because they simply have too hard of a time cutting down the drinks.

* When you squat try and think about spreading the legs wide as you go down. Not only will this improve squat quality but also help you activate the glutes better.

* Stop doing push-ups on your knees. If you cant do the full version then switch to doing them with your hands on an incline bench or elevated surface. Push-ups are not only great for your chest, triceps and shoulders but are also a big test of core stability. If your goal is to do full push-ups from the ground then do something that will carry over into reaching that goal and get away from doing them from your knees.

* Start using tempo and use it more often. People change their exercises, reps, sets and rest periods but rarely do people change tempo. Add slower counts, explosive reps, or pauses at the end of movements to change up your routines.

*Getting in the best shape possible is a choice and ultimately you and only you are the one that should be held responsible for reaching that goal. Don't share blame for failure, rather look in the mirror and realize you control what happens. Go Dominate!

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