Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ultimate lat routine

If you want to widen that "V" look and build up those lats then give this one a try. Although, I am normally against doing too many exercises for one muscle group in a workout I am willing to look the other for this routine. Every exercise in this routine is geared to target those lats. Remember when doing lat work, don't grip the weight or bar too hard and get a mindset of having light arms and feel your back doing the work. For those of you who generally do lat work and by the end have screaming forearms then you are simply putting to much pressure on your grip when performing the exercises. Think of your grip as if you were holding an egg. You want a strong enough grip to keep the egg from dropping but not too hard to the point of cracking the egg in your hand.

Everything is single sets unless noted

Wide grip lat pulldown- 10 reps

rest 1 minute between sets, do 5 total sets

Standing straight bar pulldown- 8 reps ( stand in front of a cable pulley machine and attach a straight bar. Keeping your arms extended and straight the whole movement, simply move the bar towards your thighs while keeping an upright posture)

DROP THE WEIGHT BY 10 LBS- This time continue but only do the bottom half of the movement- 1@Failure

rest 90 seconds between sets, do 4 total sets

One arm row with dumbbell- 6-8 reps
* try and use heavy weight but keep good form

rest 1 minute between sets, do 4 total sets

Straight bar row with lean- 8-10 reps
( set up is like a regular row keeping your palms down, however lean forward the entire set but still keep your back flat the entire time, no rocking backward keep the forward lean. Also make sure you feet are low on the foot pads)

rest 1 minute between sets, do 4 total sets

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