Wednesday, October 13, 2010

H4 fat burning full-body workout

This is a great full body routine that you can use to burn a ton of calories in your workout in minimal time. I would not recommend this workout for any beginner. Here is the workout on paper.

Everything is a super set and do each super set 3-4 rounds without rest. Take your rest between groupings of exercises.

A1) Dumbbell pushup/deadlift/jacknive combo-6 reps

A2) Box Jumps-15 reps

B1) lateral lunge with dumbbell row- 6 reps per side

B2) Ball slams-15 reps

C1) Lateral band chops- 15 reps per side

C2) Lateral plate squat and press-6 reps per side

D1) Band row and reverse lunge ( palms down grip )-15 reps per side

D2) Floor jacks-20 reps

Now get yourself off the floor and rest your done!

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