Monday, October 4, 2010

Pumping the pecs!

This is a routine I read once from Jeff Anderson. AKA "The muscle nerd." Give this a try on your next chest day.

Start out with the barbell bench press

1) Pick a weight you could do for 12 reps to failure. Make sure you stack the bar with 10lb plates and 25lb plates since you will be quickly taking weight off later on.

2) Do 12 reps on the bench press to failure. Once you reach failure, jump up and strip 50% of the weight off.

3) Now with no rest do as many reps as possible with a very wide grip. The wide grip will take the triceps out of it and keep the focus on the pecs.

4) Once you finish that set rack the bar and grab a dumbbell. For most a 30-50lb dumbbell should do fine. You will do a set of dumbbell pullovers keeping your arms very straight and locked out. Do this to failure.

5) Rest up for 2-3 minutes and do this whole giant set again 1-2 more times.


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