Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Interview with Bret Contreras

Bret Contreras is a well know strength coach/trainer and currently speaks across the country and is known as the "Glute Guy." He is the man when it comes to training the glutes and the backside of the body. Check out his YouTube channel at where you can search the exercises he talks about in full. Below is the Q&A from my interview that I did with him recently.

Q- What is your favorite tri-set for the glutes?

Bret-Hip thrusts, followed by band seated abduction, followed by band hip rotations. This tri-set is totally brutal. Check out the videos on how to do these exercises on the above YouTube channel.

Q-What are the 3 best training tips you have heard or have ever learned?

Bret-A)The best workout for you is the one in which you will be the most consistent. B) Never stop experimenting with your routine in order to learn more about your uniqueness. C) Learn the difference between good pain and bad pain and if you experience bad pain, STOP!!!!

Q- What would be a good exercise maybe that nobody has heard of or uses very often?

Bret-Gliding leg curls which are a very effective hamstring/glute exercise. Check his YouTube videos.

Q-What is missing from most peoples workouts?

Bret- Pendulum quadruped hip extensions and hip thrusts. Refer to his YouTube channel for the how to on these.

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