Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Random thoughts.............

  • Nothing beats the feeling of dominating your workout-if you don't have the I just conquered the world feeling when you are done odds are you don't workout hard enough. Feel like a badass when you walk out of the gym!

  • Egg nog is a good option around the holidays for your post workout shake- Yes it is high in calories, fat and sugar but if you are trying to pack on muscle it is amazing! If your trying to trim up then not so much.

  • If you don't own a foam roller then buy one-If you workout often you need one of these to keep your muscle tissue feeling good.

  • Nothing beats the Victoria Secret Fashion Show- If they all were not so thin I would offer to train them.

  • Guys should NEVER...NEVER.....NEVER wear tiny shorts to workout in-I witnessed this a week ago at the gym I work at and it just is not good for anyone.

  • Most women don't work out with enough intensity and that's why they cant get a smaller butt or thinner thighs or toned arms-Ladies you need to drop People magazine and start working out with some authority and then maybe you will notice some changes.

  • Christmas music is just perfect this time of the year

  • The basic Chin-up is great to add some size to your arms

  • Kind brand bars taste amazing and are great for you! The basic fruit and nut bar is one of my favorites.

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