Monday, April 18, 2011

6 technique musts if you want to have a big bench

1) Keep your feet wide-This is important to give yourself stability and balance when pressing.

2) Get a strong grip on the bar-
You can increase your bench just by increasing your grip strength. Think about leaving an imprint on the bar and squeeze it as hard as you can.This will give you the best control over the bar during the press. Try and grip the bar low in the palm towards the heel of your hand and keep your wrists straight.

3) Squeeze the glutes

4) Keep your shoulder blades tight together and pushed down-Your shoulder blades need to be pulled together and kept extra tight to give you a strong support system during the press.

5) Bring the bar low
-Let the bar come low on the chest even with the nipple or just below. Doing this will help recruit more triceps and the powerful front delts.

6) Figure out your strengths and weakness and go from there
-Everyone is built different and therefore you need to make adjustments to your lift. Use the guide below when benching to lift the most weight you can.

Long arms – elbows out, wider grip,
Short arms – elbows in, closer grip.

Weak pecs – elbows in, narrower grip
Strong pecs – wider grip, elbows out

Weak front delts – elbows out, wide grip
Strong front delts – narrower grip, elbows close to torso

Weak triceps – elbows out, wider grip
Strong triceps – elbows in, closer grip

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