Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Top 5 most annoying people in the gym

1) The Inconsiderate sweater- the issue here is not the fact that they are sweating, everybody sweats when they workout. The problem is that they sweat all over the benches, cardio equipment and don't clean it up. The worst is when you go to bench press and find a pool of head sweat at the top of the bench. Find a towel and use it!

2) People who smell-everyone wont smell like roses while working out but there is no excuse for horrible body odor. If your shirt hasn't been washed since you joined the gym 2 years ago then I think you have an issue. On the opposite end of the spectrum are those who come to workout with the whole bottle of cologne sprayed on themselves. Either way, not good.

3) Sitters-These are the people who just rest on equipment forever while they wait for their next set. You go to the gym to workout and head out which seems easy until you run into these type of people. The equipment is meant for use not for you to sit and relax, daydream, or act like your serious.....enough!

4) Overly loud lifters-Ok so sometimes on your last set or two you will let out a loud grunt but this is normal. Others however think it is ok to grunt on rep 1 and every rep after that. Being ridiculously loud while lifting doesn't make it look like your a badass or big so just stop. Most of the time you just sound annoying so focus on your form and not your grunts.

5) Mr. Oblivious- This is the gym goer who pays no attention to anybody in the gym but themselves. They will walk right in your way while you do legs or they will stand right in front of you while you lift in front of the mirror. Be aware of others and don't walk around like nobody else is working out. If I hit you with the bar its because your an idiot and you don't pay attention.


  1. And unfortunately all five behavior-types exist at every gym, including upscale ones like Equinox. I would add a 6th point. Sometimes even trainers can be obnoxious when they place their training materials, water bottles, clothing on a piece of equipment near where they are training someone -- but aren't actually using the piece of equipment for training. Of course, I'm sure you don't do this :)

  2. Which Equinox? You are right....some trainers need to pick it up!

  3. San Mateo Equinox.