Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random thoughts......

  • Some post workout ideas- Take two Kashi honey oat frozen waffles and spread peanut butter in between to make a waffle sandwich. You get your protein from the pb and get your carbs from the waffles. This is a quick snack that is fast and easy. Another on the go option is greek yogurt topped with sliced almonds and drizzled with honey. This snack packs protein and carbs.

  • Schedule your workouts. People live such busy lives that we tend to fill up our days and bypass the gym because of it. You schedule and book appointments so why not do the same for your workouts. Treat your workouts like a business meeting.

  • Success is not a right. Doesn't matter how great of a workout program you have, in order to have success with it you must earn it everyday.

  • Do your core work at the beginning of the workout instead of the end. By doing this you will have more energy and not rush through your core exercises.

  • Great breakfast-Turkey bacon egg sandwich on whole grain bread. Scramble 3 eggs with spinach top it with some swiss cheese and two slices of turkey bacon. Delicious and high in protein!

  • I love parmigiano-reggiano cheese, I put it on so many things. I guess it is a good thing because research shows that it activates fat-burning hormones and has a high protein content compared to other dairy products

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  1. These are great random thoughts. Good advice. Keep 'em coming!