Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK Day Inspiration and Motivation

1) Getting through that barrier is what makes the difference- Like Arnold said, its about pushing through those extra reps. It is easy to do what you normally do and train in your comfort zone but push yourself beyond what you do and you will see the greatest gains yet! It is easy not to push yourself, most people don't. The reward in pushing yourself beyond that barrier is not only the success that will come your way but also the feeling of the journey getting there knowing you did what most do not.

2) Never give up-Walter Payton battled not only on the field of play but in life as well. When things get tough, the workouts hurt, eating good is hard, getting to the gym is impossible......this is the time to not give up, this is the time to push harder and work like never before! Giving up will lead you further and further from your goals and achievements you strive for. When you find yourself wanting to give up think about what it is you want to get and why you want to get it. Think about all the positives that will come about when you do achieve that success and how glad you will be that you did not give up but instead attack the obstacles and barriers!

3) This is your time, go and get it! Why wait? Its Jan 16th....its 2012...are you waiting for Tuesday? For Feb? For next year? For when your bigger?Stronger?Leaner? Now is your time so get after it today! There is no reason why YOU cant do anything right now. Be arrogant and realize its now or never! Don't talk about making changes or getting better...go and get it!

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