Thursday, January 12, 2012

Skinny guy fix

Some of you out there cant gain weight or muscle no matter how hard you work or how much you eat. You see others lifting with big weights and wonder if the day will come when you will be too. You don't have "guns" but rather toy pistols. If this is you then you might want to take to some of this advice.

1) Eat, eat, eat and did I mention eat some more! Classic skinny guy simply needs calories! Nutrition trumps training every time. Start off just consuming as much as you can. You must have a calorie surplus in order to pack on muscle and it needs to be significant. Eating a ton of a food in a day is actually tough and it wont be easy and will take planning, but do it! You can get some "bad" calories such as burgers and such just don't make it a habit all the time. Better fats include avocados, peanut butter galore and adding whole milk to your post workout shakes. If you eat too few of fats your testosterone levels may fall. Oh...and don't be afraid of carbs!

2) Get a great training program and stick to it! Most guys bounce around from program to program before letting one get them results. If the plan your using doesn't bring you results in 3 months then switch off it. Great programs done with the right intensity will work. Make sure that you also focus on you and what you need out of the program. If you need work on your back then make sure you get that work in and don't ignore you weak areas. For most skinny guys training between 6-12 reps will be best since they tend to have more slow twitch fibers.

3) Glutes, Hams and Quads-If you want three muscle groups that will put some size on you then those three would be it so train them! Some people can pack on the muscle just by hitting the legs more often and with greater intensity.

Extra quick fire tips

  • Carry a protein bar with you when you run errands or head out of the house. Now you have no excuse not to have some calories while on the run. Tri-O-Plex bars work well since they are such high in calories.
  • Don't over think your workouts! Focus on intensity and you will get results!
  • Eat breakfast! Eating a bowl of cereal doesn't count either. Eggs, turkey bacon or sausage and couple pieces of toast.

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  1. The Tri-o-plex bars are awesome. Not only do they have protein and fat, they have a good deal of fiber which is really great for the body. They have become my protein supplement of choice (after you wrote about it a while back), and event though at 440 calories, it is a lot, if you are actively lifting it really won't impact you.