Monday, January 30, 2012

Great chest/tricep day workout

My philosophy is quality over quantity. Dominate the workout with just a couple of exercises and that should be plenty if the intensity is there.

Flat dumbbell chest press -6 reps ( heavy weight )
Flat barbell press-10-12 reps ( moderate weight )

**90 sec-2min rest and repeat for 3 total rounds

Decline barbell bench press ( 21's ) This will hit not only the chest but the triceps as well.

Do 7 full reps ( from bottom to lockout ) do 7 rest from top to half way down and up, do 7 reps from top to 1/4 the way down ( just small movement to really hit the triceps.

**Rest 90sec and repeat 3-4 total rounds

Seated machine press ( or any machine press you have )-10 reps
Close grip pushup-5sec lowering, 5 second hold at the bottom and then push back up with regular tempo. trust me you wont get many reps. If this is too hard for you then do them on a bench.

**2min rest and repeat 3 total times


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  1. great workout,yall this is good shit