Wednesday, May 23, 2012

6 Ways to be more efficient with your gym time

Seeing most people are strapped for time in the gym I thought this would help those looking to find ways to decrease their time in the gym yet get not decrease the results. Still keep in mind your goals and remember that each way listed is not the only way a workout can be set up.

1) Use antagonist muscle groups in your training-This involves alternating between opposing muscle groups like doing chest/back, or hamstring/quads. The advantages are: quicker recovery, shorter workouts and better strength. A simple set up could be to do a bench press followed by a dumbbell row.

2) Use upper/lower body sequences-This is similar to #1 in terms of the benefits but allows you to rest the whole upper body while the lower body works and vice versa. This style of training is also great for those looking to drop body fat and improve their overall appearance.Example would be a squat with pullup.

3) Do full body workouts-Allows you to get the most work in every workout which can improve your work capacity and training efficiency.Aim to perform at least one exercise for each major muscle group. Keep in mind that your arms get work when doing pushing and pulling movements.

4) Have a plan- If you go blind into a workout you will waste a ton of time and end up falling into bad habits and routine. Get a complain together for each workout and notice how your workouts improve.

5) Do more bang for your buck exercises-Generally these are compound exercises over isolation exercises. Compound exercises will recruit the greatest of muscle fibers. If your goal is to get bigger or stronger you want to use exercises that allow for the greatest load. Example is to use close grip presses over kickbacks, squats over extensions etc.

6) Workout with your time-This seems obvious but more people tend to chat or read a magazine or waste precious gym time instead of hitting it hard.

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