Monday, May 14, 2012

German body composition workout for your monday

A1) Pullups -6 reps with tempo of 5 sec count as you lift yourself up, no pause at the top and then lower down for a 5 sec count
A2) Rear foot elevated spilt squat with dumbbell ( goblet hold )- 12 reps each leg, focus on " driving through the ground" with your feet
**3 rounds no rest

B1) Shoulder press with dumbbells and split stance  ( neutral grip )-10 reps
B2) deadlift with barbell-6 reps
**3 rounds no rest

C1)  "X" row with cables-10 reps, make sure to alternate each set the leg in front and the arm that is on top
C2) Hamstring curl with physio ball-12 reps
** 3 rounds no rest

D1) Close grip pushup-10 reps
D2) Lateral step up with dumbbells-8 each leg
** 3 rounds no rest

E1) TRX row with palms up ( or a normal seated row works )-10 reps
E2) Lateral band walk-10 each direction
** 3 rounds no rest

Finish with some sprints on treadmill or bike.

Try 20sec on, 45 off, done for 4 total rounds

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