Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ways to better your training

1) If fat loss is your goal you need to use a variety of training types. Everything works, but nothing works all the time. The following are things that should be included in your fat loss program.

* Heavy lifting
* Intervals
* High density- ( high reps, short rests )
* Low intensity steady state cardio
* Sprints
* Sporting activities

2) If you want to get thicker arms than try slowing down your workouts. Research has shown that the brachialis ( muscle that is kind of under the bicep ) responds best to slow tempos and isometrics.

For example- Do hammer curls and raise the weight up for a 4 second count and lower it for a 4 second count. 1 minute rest and repeat 2-3 more rounds.

3) Extension/Pushing exercises work well with negatives. Think of bench press, shoulder press, leg press and squats. Example would be to do. You can lower the bench press for a 8 second count for example. Flexion/Pulling exercises work best with isometric pauses. Think rows, pullups, leg curls. In this case you could do pullups with a 4 second hold at the top of the movement.

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