Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday fat loss strategies

1) Get your sleep! Too many people are walking around not getting enough sleep and instead working like dogs and then using energy supplements to push themselves further without sleep.Sleep and fat loss are connected. Studies have shown those who gets less sleep tend to have higher insulin releases which equals no fat loss. If you are going to workout and eat right then make sure to get your sleep as well.

2) Have the right mindset. Yes you need to work hard in the gym, yes you need to eat right in the kitchen but everything begins and ends with your mind. When it is late at night and you tired, bored or annoyed and you want that unhealthy snack what are you going to do? Think of yourself as a lean motivated person who is out to get better and you will have that mindset in all you do.

3) Don't worry about others, just yourself. It doesn't matter what others do or what others look like the only important thing is you. Do not try and look like celebrities or your best friend but instead aim look the best you can look. Focus on you and watch what happens. The only you can control is your eating, lifting and mind so worry about that and not the Joe next to you.

4) Be positive and remember the bests. When you cheat on your diet, or skip workouts don't let that bring you down and let you fall off track, instead focus on the times you were dominating and get yourself back onto that path!

5) Everything works, but nothing works all the time. Make sure you change your workouts from time to time. Use a variety of rep ranges, weights and equipment.

6) Always get carbs in your post workout nutrition. Carbs consumed at this time will not contribute to fat gain and might even help with fat loss.


  1. I seriously needed much of this advice lately. Especially #2 and #4.

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