Monday, June 18, 2012

4 Things to do in your workout to change it up

1) Try doing a "main" lift workout-This is a great way to hit important lifts like front squats, deadlifts, and variations of these exercises. You basically focus most of the workout on a main lift like deadlift for example and you do one set. After the set then do a less tiring exercise like a bicep curl or pullup. Now go back to the money exercise and keep repeating this sequence. Below is an example.



hammer curl

shoulder press

2) Do the opposite order than you normally do-If you train core last do it first, if you do rows in the middle of the workout then do them at the end. If you always use dumbbells then use barbells. Do you tend to start with triceps on arm days, well do biceps first instead. This difference will help you get out of a training rut.

3) Do everything unilaterally-How often do you do things one arm at a time or one leg at a time? My guess is not very often. Unilateral work has tons of benefits and will also help you from getting bored. You can do single arm curls, presses, squats, deadlifts etc.

4) Mess with the rest- Maybe you tend to always take big rest periods so today you will take shorter rests. You might also notice you rest less after exercises you like and rest more between exercises you don't like so change that. Think about your average rest periods and play around with it next time in the gym.

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