Monday, June 25, 2012

PHA style workout-high low rep scheme version

 This workout is full body and you get your metabolism going hard! Today's workout will focus on heavier lower body with low reps and lighter upper body with high reps. The next post will be a workout featuring the opposite. Follwing the intense load on your lower body today your lower body can almost recover on Wednesday since there will be lighter loads

workout 1

A1) Glute thrusters with barbell over hips-6 reps-each a 3 sec hold at top ( heavy weight )
A2) Pushups-15 reps as fast as you can ( if you cant finish then move to a high bench to finish ) nose to floor!!!!
A3) Single leg deadlift with 2 dumbbells-6 each ( keep bend in thigh for more glute )
A4) Tricep extensions w rope-15 reps
A5) Bicycle crunch on bosu ( one leg at a time )-12 each
4 total rounds. Take no-90sec rest depending on fitness level

B1) Goblet hold w dumbbell reverse lunges-6 each
B2) TRX row-( palms down to palms face to finish )-15 reps
B3) High step up-6 each ( focus driving through heels and squeezing glutes at the top )
B4) Pulldown w cable machine-15 reps
B5) Pallof Press w cable-10 each side
4 rounds. Take no-90sec rest depending on fitness level
* If you dont have a TRX you can use cable handles on a row

End with farmers walks with dumbbells for 50 yards ( estimate in the gym ) then followed by a 50 yard sprint ( if you don't have room then sprint back and forth in your space until you reach 50 )
**Rest 45 sec and repeat 2 more rounds

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