Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Random thoughts....

  • I just finished reading a very interesting book called Lose the wheat, Lose the weight! I have been reading a bunch of diet/nutrition books as of late and this was the most recent one I finished. The information is really good and I highly recommend you check it out. More evidence towards the low carb and sugar way of eating. 

  •  Glute work should be apart of any one's program no matter the goal.

  •  Stay on track with your goals and make sure you get in the work no matter where you are. I was recently away in North Dakota and managed to get a pretty damn good workout in with my TRX in the barn on the ranch I was staying at. No excuses, find a way to dominate!
  • Start doing more split squats. Not only are they more low back friendly than the squat but you can also still get great strength and hypertrophy gains from doing them. You can use a barbell, dumbbells or just body weight. All of my clients do them and do them regularly. Give them a try. Checkout my post.

  • Start writing down not only what you eat but what you do in the gym. I guarantee you do the same thing over and over and I bet you stay in your comfort zone when it comes to exercise selection. Each week look over your workouts and recognize what you are doing and what you aren't doing. Make changes and you will get changes!

  • Great motivational video for you on a Wednesday.

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