Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday random workout tips/thoughts

  • If you need to improve your forearm strength or size then start using towels. Not only can you do towel chin-ups, but seated rows, inverted rows and even farmers walks in which you put the towel through the kettlebell. Towels will crush your grip and will create a new training stimulus for those exercises that might be getting stagnant.
  •  I still feel like my biceps have grown the most when I do preacher curls. I tend to favor either high volume in both sets and reps like 6-8 sets of 10-12 reps or low sets with heavy weight like 3 sets of 5-6 reps. Keep variety and watch the guns get huge!

  • Most guys would benefit from cutting out chest and shoulder work for 3 weeks and instead doing more back work. Pull, pull and pull some more.Go after your back 2-3x a week.  Hit your back at numerous angles and with different exercises and not only will your posture improve but so will your shoulder health. Plus you will hep yourself get closer to the "V" shape that so many guys strive for. I bet your bench press improves as well.

  •  You need to be getting at least 40% of your breakfast calories from protein. Not only will this lower carb impulses and help with fat loss. First option should be 2-3 whole eggs. If that doesn't work for you then do a protein shake with 30 grams.

  •  A way to mix up your workouts is to try the following same muscle tri-sets. 
Back- example
A1) 6 reps dumbbell one arm row
A2)10 reps seated row palms down straight bar
A3) 6-8 reps dumbbell one arm row ( you most likely will need to decrease the weight that you started with )

Chest -example
A1) 6 reps-dumbbell chest press
A2) 3sec hold at the top of each rep, 12 total-pushups
A3) 6-8 reps dumbbell chest press (  you most likely will need to decrease the weight that you started with )

  • If you are bored with your traditional cardio routine or even the interval work you do then try one of the following.

 A) Stairs-you got it, just simply walk up and down the stairs but add a pair of dumbbells. You can do it for numerous rounds or just one round and break it up with something like core work. Find a stair well and get going!

B) Use the exercises from the video below-


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