Monday, December 17, 2012

Doing the back extension better

Most people use the back extension and throw themselves up using their back and end up going into hyper extension. Over time this does nothing but better your chance to getting in injured. I think it is better to use your back extension more like a hip thrust.

Key points-

* Do the movement much like you would a kettlebell swing or barbell hip thrust in which you thrust your hips into the pad instead of bringing your back upward.

* Keep the pad at hip level or slightly below

* Bend from the hips much like a hip hinge move and lower your upper body, and then really drive your hips into the pad and squeeze your glutes to finish.

* Note in the video that she stops when straight up and down before going into hyper extension. Again, stop the movement when you are straight up and down so you dont put pressure on the spine.

* If done correctly, your hams and glutes should feel this more than the low back


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