Thursday, December 6, 2012

Questions answered

I thought I would use today's post to answer some questions I have been getting lately

Q-My goal is fat loss, so should I do weights or cardio first?

A-Weight training first. Strength training is the most valuable asset to you in cutting fat other than diet so make it a priority by doing it first. Also, in theory you will deplete muscle and liver glycogen during weight training which might shift the body into fat oxidation during cardio.

Q-How many pull-ups should I be able to do?

A- If you consider yourself a strong guy the answer is at least 8-12 reps without rest

Q- I get sick of the same routine and want something new, can you help?

Try doing a type of work capacity routine. The goal is to do more work in the same amount of time. The key with this is to keep quality form each workout. Pick a set group of exercises ( maybe 8 ) and set weight for each along with a set number of reps. Set a time, for example 20 minutes and see how many rounds of 8 exercises you could do. Lets say you did 4 rounds, then the next workout aim for 5 or more.

Q-I have very limited time to workout but I want to lose weight how can I get the most efficient workouts in a short period of time?

A- First off it is not amount how much time you spend, but what you do in that time. Pick compound moves like squats, deads, lunges, rows and presses and combine them into giant sets. Eliminate things like biceps curls or tricep extensions. Once you get to the gym get to work and cut out social time.

Q-I need a quality snack that is high in protein, any suggestions?

A- I do love protein shakes, but I also love jerky. Specifically I love any Bison jerky. Any brand that is hormone free is best. Bison is high in protein and low in fat. The best part is that it will fill you up!

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