Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Contrast Training workout

I really have become a fan of what I call contrast training. To me this style blends both heavy lifting and metabolic training into one tough workout.

We all know that muscle is active tissue and is always helping you burn calories even when you are at rest. More lean muscle equals a higher metabolism. In order to keep up the lean muscle tissue we must lift heavy weights and not just do cardio based routines. If you lift heavy weights you will keep your muscle which will help you metabolism stay high which will help you drop body fat! Check.

Metabolic workouts are high in intensity, keeping the heart rate elevated making you burn a ton of calories. This is a plus in any program. Generally metabolic workouts consist of higher rep and lower weight exercises. Burn more calories equals burn more fat! Check.

Workout-( similar to my blog post from last Monday )
* The first two supersets you should you use a weight that makes it hard for you to finish the last rep or two

A1) RFE ( Rear foot elevated ) Split squat holding dumbbells- 8 reps each leg
A2) One arm landmine shoulder press-8 each
4 rounds. Take 1 min rest between sets

B1) Trap Bar deadlift-8 reps
B2) One arm row with dumbbells ( start with palm facing behind you, as you row finish with the palm facing your body )-8 reps each
4 rounds. Take 90sec  rest between. You will need this due to the demands on the grip

C1) Alternating front lunges for speed-12 each
C2) Band speed rows ( palms facing each other )-25 reps * watch video below
C3) Surfer get ups-6 each ( if you cant do these you can sub in burpees for 12 ) * watch video below
C4) Band speed presses-20 reps * watch video
Rest 1min. Do this 4 total rounds

For the band exercises

For the surfer get ups


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