Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Get your Unilateral on!

Benefits of unilateral training

  • Most likely you never train this way so that alone makes it good for you

  • Helps the core by the body resisting the lean that wants to take place towards the loaded side of the exercise.Great way to work the function of stability with the abdominals and low back.

  • Burns more calories-Having to work one side followed by the other takes twice as long as a normal set therefore creating more time under tension which will burn more calories.

Example full body workout

A1) One arm dumbbell row-10 reps
A2) One arm split stance dumbbell snatch-10 reps per arm
A3) RFE split squat-10 reps each side ( if your right leg is on the bench, then hold the dumbbell in the right arm )
3-4 rounds. Take 0-60sec rest depending on level

B1) One arm dumbbell flat chest press-10 reps each ( trust me you will feel your core on this )
B2) One arm cable row with palms down-10 reps ( light squat position, face the cable and row )
B3) Single leg deadlift or single leg bridge-10 reps
3-4 rounds. 0-60sec rest depending on level

End with-
Side plank-for time each side
Reverse crunch-hold onto a dumbbell behind your head, tuck into one side of the body and then back down and then tuck into the other side-5 each side
45sec rest. 3 rounds total

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