Monday, February 18, 2013

Presidents Day Workout

Just because you are off work doesn't mean you cant put work in! Get to the gym on this Presidents Day and try this workout. This workout combines both a high rep high endurance training program with a heavy low rep workout.

* Make sure the weight is perfect for the reps. If you are doing 6 reps the 6th rep should be very tough if the weight is correct.

A1) Pullups- 6 reps ( hold each rep for 3 seconds at the top )
A2) Goblet squat with dumbbell-8 reps ( hold last rep at the bottom for 8 seconds )
3 rounds. 30 sec between rounds

B1) One arm dumbbell press with neutral grip ( palm facing your head )-8 reps each arm
B2) Single leg deadlift with dumbbells ( hold a pair of dumbbells )-8 each
3 rounds. 30 sec between rounds

C1) Seated row with straight bar-6 reps ( hold each rep for 3 sec )
C2) Step up with dumbbell ( if you step up with the right leg hold the weight just in the right arm )-6 reps each
3 rounds. 30 sec between rounds

D1) Kettlebell swings-15 reps
D2) Straight arm pulldowns with band-20 reps
D3) Burpees-10 reps
D4) Ball slams-15 reps
30 sec rest. 3 rounds

Go Dominate!

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