Monday, February 11, 2013

Why women cant lose fat and why guys cant add muscle

I know their are plenty of women who workout like no other and consistently dominate their workouts and do things like:

  • Lift heavy weights
  • Have intense workouts
  • Eat to match their workouts
  • Use weight training as their fat loss strategy and not cardio

But this is not the case for the majority and there lies the problem. Your average woman generally:

  • Has too many bad for you Starbucks drinks
  • Uses steady state, long distance cardio as her primary way of attempting to lose body fat
  • Eats too many carbs
  • Rarely if ever lifts a weight over 5lbs
  • Takes group fitness exclusively
  • Doesn't know what a deadlift or goblet squat is
  • Reads Glamour or People Magazine while working out
  • Thinks one arm tricep kickbacks she sees in the magazines will help her "tone" up
  • Thinks protein will make her get big muscles
  • Eating like a bird will help her lose fat
  • Thinks eating a healthy cereal is a great breakfast
  • Diet coke is her staple drink of choice

Why your average guy cant build enough muscle:

  • He thinks he eats enough, in reality he doesn't eat nearly enough
  • He loads up on any calories he can get at including cakes, pies, chips, fast food and other garbage that will just make him look like garbage
  • Doesn't workout with enough intensity
  • Doesn't take enough rest.
  • Drinks too much
  • Doesn't hydrate like he should
  • Forgets about big lifts like rows, presses,squats and deadlifts
  • Tries to do what is best for others but not what is best for him

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