Monday, March 11, 2013

12 ways to improve your workouts

1. Don't jump around-Pick a program and stick with it for a time frame instead of doing a different program or routine every workout. Get better by doing the most productive exercises and methods.

2. Foam roll/warm-up-Roll the hams, glutes, IT, adductors and quads. Once your done rolling do a proper dynamic warm-up to get your body ready to go.

3. Get a goal-Try not to be the do all guy/girl. Don't try to run a marathon, deadlift 700, gain 20 lbs and get ripped. Pick what is most important and go dominate!

4. No need to train to failure every workout- I am fine with people training to failure just not all the time. By not training to failure every time you will keep yourself from getting injured, save your CNS and make it easier for you to recover.

5. Do pushups-They are just a simple and effective exercise to help the core, shoulders, chest and triceps. No matter how strong or weak you are you will benefit.

6. Do some carries- farmers walks at the end of your workout are great. Strengthen the hips, core, grip and traps.

7. Take a good day off- No anything, let your body recover. The gains are made outside the gym.

8. Get a massage- Find a great person and stick with them. Trust me you will feel amazing when you start getting them more often.

9.Keep your workouts under 60 minutes- If you are working hard enough no need to go for any longer. After 60 minutes testosterone levels drop and cortisol levels go up which is not a good combination.

10. Do more pulling than pushing-Most need more pulling to help even out the imbalance between the back and the front side of the body. Help your shoulders and posture by doing more back work. Ratio of 2-1 ( pull to push ) work is solid.

11. Take nutrition seriously- If you take your lifting seriously you must do the same with the eating else expect nothing.

12. Do more exercises standing- Burn more calories, work the core more than sitting variations.

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  1. Great information! I think massage is one of the best ways to get muscles relaxation. I also get massage and I feel comfortable during and after it.