Thursday, March 28, 2013

6 Training tips for women

The following tips are not set in stone for all women but generally these tips apply to your average female trainee.

1.  Reduce your rest periods-Women generally have better endurance than men and therefore do quite well with shorter rest periods.

2. Use high volume work in your program- women tend to get very good results by doing more sets in their routine. Don't be afraid of doing 4,5 or even 6 sets of something.

3. Full body workouts work best- women love to have that full body fatigue feeling more so than men do. Most women have a goal of fat loss and full body workouts work best to get that desired result.

4. Use medium to high rep ranges- Women don't respond best to working near their 1RM so it is best to use between 6-15 reps.

5. Group fitness is not weight training-I have total respect for group fitness but it should not be the heart of a woman's strength training program. When you can only max out with 15lb dumbbells in a class you will never make the progress you need to see the results you want. Enjoy your group fitness class every once in awhile just don't make it a staple.

6. Don't fear 3x a week- I have found that many women get greater results when they go from doing 2 strength training sessions to 3 a week. Try adding that extra day and see what happens for you.


  1. Wonderful tips! Yes we should reduce our rest periods and do full body workout to make our body fit and smart.

  2. Full body workout makes your body healthy and gives ultimate fitness. You can enjoy your daily routine of different tasks actively.