Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Are you doing this in your training?

Below is a simple checklist to use to make sure you keep the right balance in your workouts.

1. 2-1 ratio of pull to push-Most of us tend to be stronger in the chest and shoulders as well as overly tight. Couple this with being at a desk all day and the situation becomes worse as we get internally rotated and a slumped forward posture. Therefore, we lack development in the back which leads to injuries and decreased performance in the pushing movements. Start making sure you do more back work either on a weekly basis or in each individual workout.

2. Work the the glutes more! Help keep your back healthy, improve daily function, sports performance and decrease your chance for injury Add thrusters, bridges, donkey kicks, deadlifts, deficit lunges and band walks into your routine on a regular basis.

3. Start with your weakest link first- No matter what it is start off the workout while you have the most physical and mental energy to put towards getting better. If you tend to do core work at the end and rush through it knowing you need to leave the gym start doing to avoid this.

4. Staying active- Whatever you do don't sit during your workout. I never do it myself or let my clients. Keep the heart rate going and stay focused on what is next without sitting and getting too relaxed. If you train purely for strength and that's it then yes go ahead and sit between sets but for most of you stay up!

6. Limiting distractions-Sure be nice and social, after and before your workout but while you are actually training focus on the task at hand and that's it. Ignore the tv, phone and the weird guy always asking you questions and keep your intensity and mind geared towards your goals.

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