Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday Q & A!

Q- My pushups are awful what is wrong?

A-  1) You might lack pure strength in the shoulders, triceps and chest as well as core stability.
      2) You might lack proper form. If your elbows are flared, hips sag and your head is forward then you have bad form and it needs to be corrected. Proper form is having your elbows tucked into the body at a 45 degree angle, with the neck, hips, torso and head all in a straight line.

Q- Besides doing curls and direct arm work how else can I build my biceps?

A- Direct arm work certainly will help, but there are many other ways to build the biceps. Start doing some heavy rows, both with a neutral grip but also with your palms facing forward as well. Chinups are another great builder of the biceps and as you get stronger you can add more load.

Q- I workout 7 days a week and yet haven't seen much of a difference for working out this much, why is this so?

A- Honestly more isn't always better and in some cases less is more. If you are working out that much you need to be fueling yourself with more calories and odds are that isn't happening. Second, you are just beating your body down and results come from events that take place outside the gym not inside the gym. Start giving yourself 1-2 days of recovery and focus on rolling, stretching and massage to get your body better. With the added recovery your workouts will become more intense and you will find yourself getting better results.

Q- Do you have any good ideas for cardio ?

A- If you get bored with the treadmill and your gym has an airdyne give this one a try-

30sec work , 90sec off x 3 rds
*For the next 3 weeks add 1 more rd to each week, so week 2 would be 30sec work, 90sec off for 4 rds

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