Monday, June 10, 2013

Finshers for fat loss

A better way to get leaner is to add finishers to the end of your strength workouts. A finisher should incorporate as many muscle groups as possible and usually is done for time. Below are some of my favorites that you can try in your workouts. The finisher you use should be exhausting in nature.

1- Med ball/Hill climbers

Do as many med ball slams in 30 seconds, followed by hill climbers for 20 seconds as many as possible. Rest for 50 seconds. Do 3 total rounds.

** To make it harder gradually decrease your resting time by 5 seconds each workout.

2. Renegade row/Squat press

Start off doing 1 rep on each arm of renegade rows, then jump the feet forward between the dumbbells and stand tall ( much like a finishing aburpee ) as soon as you get into a standing position flip the dumbbells on your shoulders and drop down into a squat. Once in the bottom position, explode up as you press the dumbbells overhead. Finish by putting the dumbbells back on the ground and jumping your legs back into the starting position. Do 12 reps. Take 1 minute rest and then repeat.

** To make it harder decrease the rest or add another set and do 3 total sets

3. Kettlebell swings/Explosive pushups

You can give credit to this one from a great trainer named Chad Waterbury. Basically do 20 swings followed by 10 explosive pushups. Next do 18 swings and 9 pushups, followed by 16 swings and 8 pushups. Keep doing this until you finish at 2 swings and 1 pushup. Rest 60 seconds then start at 10 swings and 5 pushups. Do this until you get to 2 swings and 1 pushup.

** Make this harder by decreasing your rest time by 5 seconds.

4. Classic 300 yard shuttle

Place two cones or whatever you have 25 yards apart. Go as fast as you can back and forth 12 times for 6 total round trips. Try and finish this in under 1 minute. Do 1-2 sets giving yourself 3-5 minutes of rest between sets.

** To make it harder look to do it faster!

5. Tabata finish

Do each exercise for 20 seconds taking 10 seconds rest between exercises. Perform this for 2 straight rounds. This will take 4 minutes.

A) Alternating lunge jumps
B) Burpees
C) Speed skaters
D) Hill climbers

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