Monday, June 3, 2013

Losing weight is a battle you must fight to win!

Weight loss is the most common goal a trainer will hear from a client, family member, friend or just about from anyone. All the time people will tell me that they have been working so hard for so long and yet they have nothing to show for it. Getting rid of fat and dropping the weight you want is tough and it is not easy! If you have the goal of losing weight you need to start and end with the mindset that it will be a battle and you fight to win! It will take consistent energy, focus and dedication to get the results you want. Before you get down on not reaching your weight loss goals ask yourself if you are indeed doing everything you should be doing with the list below.


  • Eat more protein-Most likely you do not eat enough protein. Add a whey protein mixed with water or almond milk as a snack or quick breakfast. Focus on getting a protein source with each meal. Remember protein will fill you up and build lean muscle.
  •  Eat more veggies-Odds are very high veggies are lacking in your eating plan. Simple ways to get more are to have a greens smoothie, add them to your eggs or have them as daytime snacks.
  •  Prioritize nutrition as numero uno!-Put the same effort into your nutrition as you do your workouts and everything else that is important to you. Nutrition is the most important factor in your rate of success with weight loss.
  • Limit your carbs- Keep it simple and limit your carbs to post workout and if anything in the morning. Make sure if you stay low carb that you increase your good fat intake. 
  •  Drink more water!
  •  Eat breakfast- Set the tone for the day and get off on the right foot. Aim for quality protein and veggies. Protein shake, eggs, almond butter and sprouted bread or greek yogurt and berries. No excuses!
  • Limit alcohol-Have that drink or two during the week but if you don't limit your alcohol you are going to have no chance.


  • Intensity is key! Too often I see a lack of intensity in peoples workouts. 
  •  Lift weights 2-3x a week-Strength training is soooo important. Muscle equals metabolism! The more lean muscle you have the more you will burn at rest!  Progress your routine and don'y get stuck lifting the same 10lb dumbbells for your whole life.
  • Get 5-6 days of exercise in- When you just start you might need to build up to it, but eventually you need to be doing 5-6 days to get true results!
  • Interval based cardio rules!  

There you go now go dominate! Start today with no more excuses and only massive action!!! Also, don't forget to take care of your body with plenty of Recovery in the forms of sleep, massage, foam rolling and 1-2 days off.

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