Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Training in the Sierra's- workout like the pro's

Workout by Art Correa, B.S. Kinesiology, NASM

This is a workout from a friend of mine who owns The Bod-E2 Shop in Fresno, California. He uses this workout with one of his pro athletes, 2010 starting linebacker for the Detroit Lions, Zack Follett. This workout has made the headlines of Yahoo news, Detroit news and will be featured in ESPN the magazine. Art has Zack do this workout in the Sierra mountains with the elevation reaching 8000 ft. Since most of you do not live near a mountain range I have made some changes to the workout. Art uses stones, logs and tree trucks but you can use dumbbells and barbells instead. To see highlights of this workout check out the following link.

1/4 mile jog

Dynamic warm-up
-High knees
** Walking lift your left leg straight out to the front and extend your right arm out straight, alternate legs and opposite arms
-Side lunges
-Knee hugs
**Step and tuck your knee into your chest pulling it in with your arms
-Butt kicks
**Try to really kick your butt, this helps with the hamstrings

Workout ( strength training )
Circuit A

Bent over rows w/ dumbbells 3x15 reps
Squat toss w/ med ball 3x 8 reps

** Squat down holding the med ball, explode up and toss the med ball forward. Pick up the ball and repeat.

Circuit B

Hammer curls w/ dumbbells 3X 12 reps
Plyometric push-ups 3x 8

** Get into the bottom of a push-up and explode off the ground aiming to get as much height as possible.

Circuit C

Plyometric box jumps- 3x12 reps
Oblique side tosses w/ med ball 3 x8 reps
Walking lunges w/ barbell ( or incline walking lunges if outside ) 3x 8 reps

Circuit D
Snatch w/ kettlebell or barbell ( only use if you have great form) 3 x8 reps
Rear delt flys w/ dumbbell 3x12 reps

** You can replace the snatch with push presses for the shoulders

Circuit E
Jump squats 3x15 reps
Front raises with dumbbells 3x12 reps

Up-hill sprints x 10

*** If your not near a hill use an incline on the treadmill and do 10 all out 50 meter sprints

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